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Modular Kitchens
Modular Wardrobes
Kitchen Accessories
  Kitchen Accessories
1. For our products we only consider using the highest quality stainless steel as raw material.Due to its excellent quality this material remains inalterable with time.
2. It is for this reason that we have specialized in its transformation, being aware that this way we can supply the market with top quality products at the best price.
3. The best quality/price relationship is always considered, to offer the most competitive products with the European avant-garde design.
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   Saucepan Basket   Compact draining rack   Saucepan basket for plinth
Saucepan Basket Compact draining rack Saucepan basket for plinth
  Pull-out basket   Pull-out bread
  and bottle rack
  Pull-out three baskets rack
Pull-out basket pull-out bread and bottle rack Pull-out three baskets rack
  Pull-out bottle rack
 (14/20 cms)
  Pull-out three baskets
  rack (14/20 cms)
  Storage racks
Pull-out bottle rack (14/20 cms) Pull-out three baskets rack (14/20 cms) Storage racks
   Storage racks with
   bottle rack
   Storage racks with
   bread bag
  Storage racks with bottle   rack and bread bag
Storage racks with bottle rack Storage racks with bag Storage racks with bottle rack and bread bag
  180º swivel basket   270º swivel basket   360º swivel basket
180º swivel basket 270º swivel basket 360º swivel basket
  Shelf for low unit   Pull-out shelf   180º swivel basket
Shelf for low unit Pull-out shelf 180º swivel basket
  Ventilation Grill   Sink Basket   Set of draining racks
Ventilation Grill Sink Basket Set of draining racks
  Aluminium trays   Self-opening 10L
  Trash can
  Self-opening 25L
  Trash can
Aluminium trays Self-opening 10L Trash can Self-opening 25L Trash can
  Echologic Trash Can
  17+10 L
  Self opening 17L
  rectangular trash can
  Security rack
Echologic Trash Can Self opening 17L Security rack
  Pull-out cleaning rack    Multifunctional Basket  
Pull-out cleaning rack Multifunctional Basket  

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