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  products WHY Luiggi Home?
Offering over 100 designs, Luiggi Home sells top of the line Spanish modular kitchens. The manufacturer, also our joint venture partner in Luiggi Home, is based out of Spain with over 15 years experience in key European markets like France, Germany, Italy and Portugal ...
Our modular kitchen cabinets are made of chipboard (press wood or agglomerated) covered with a melamine layer- the best protection against pests and termites. The sink cabinet is protected against water seepage with an aluminium board. Our shutters come in a variety of finishes including poly laminated, post formed, crystal photo painted etc.

The raw material for our accessories is 1st quality stainless steel which remains inalterable...
- Best quality European products.
- Classical, modern as well as avant-garde European kitchen and wardrobe designs.
- Competitive price – quality relationship.
- Excellent Service.
- Varied solutions and product range.
- Total solutions : Personalised design
  : Manufacture
: Installation
- International experience and local partnership
- Guaranteed delivery dates
- After sales service
All right reserved for Luiggi Home.